Physical Therapy Clinic: Branded Environment


A premier provider of outpatient physical therapy, Stratton Rehabilitation, was in the midst of construction of its second location in the Alamo Ranch area when they decided they needed a “little color” in the clinic. They didn’t want just any color or “standard” anatomy imagery. As a clinic that provides high level, hands-on physical therapy to its patients, they wanted to provide something educational as well as engaging — to patients and employees alike. Focusing on how the knowledge and capture of anatomy evolved over the centuries, we created a wall that begins with Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man (1490) and progresses to modern (and futuristic) developments of 3D imaging
and more.

TMac Design, concept, creative direction & project management
J 12 Designs, graphic design
Cold Fire Signs, print & installation

Vitruvian Man to Modern

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Vitruvian Man to Modern