Open Cloud Academy: Themed Environment


Open Cloud Academy, a Rackspace inspired education center focused on developing technical talent and enhancing technical career opportunities was moving to a new location in downtown San Antonio, Texas. We were asked to create something non-traditional that reflected the spirit of “open source” and inspired students. We wanted to avoid the all-too-common representations of code (ones and zeros) and data visualization. During our quest for inspiration to meet this challenge, we discovered the art of Alka Cappellazzo.

TMac Design, creative direction    J 12 Designs, graphic design    Cold Fire Signs, print & installation

Alka, creative coder from Italy, creates art through code. Each and every graphic within the Open Cloud Academy space, with Alka’s permission, was created with her code. Combined with inspirational quotes from business and other leaders, both current and historical, the graphics have an incredible impact in the space and make it interactive. It’s commonplace to see students and visitors taking Alka’s code (which is displayed with each piece) and playing with it to see what it produces for them.