Office Theme: Pearson Education San Antonio


The San Antonio office of Pearson Education, the world’s largest education company, asked for our assistance in creating a new look and feel to help ensure employees felt welcomed and enjoyed their new office building. Not only was this a new physical environment, but a change in work areas as well. Gone were the old-style cubicles with five foot walls, replaced by a “benching” style workstation with employees finding themselves “face to face” with their neighbors. And it wasn’t just fellow employees that were now visible, but the walls in the space around them. Using the company’s tagline, “Always Learning”, as our inspiration, we filled the space with vivid designs evoking the idea of brain activity and neural networks, along with a timeline of the History of Education from ancient to modern times.

TMac Design, concepts, creative direction, graphic design    J 12 Designs, graphic design    Cold Fire Signs, print & installation

The client had never undertaken an interior graphics project before. In the past, they had always decorated walls with framed art and photos or had bulletin boards on the walls. At the suggestion of their interior architect, Studio8 Architects, they decided to engage with TMac Design to determine what the possibilities were for their space. After determining that staying consistent with its current messaging was very important, we began to focus on Pearson’s tagline — “Always Learning”. This ultimately led us to the idea that any and all learning had one requirement: brain activity. So we began to look at representations of brain activity — from medical tests and readings to anatomical, and to the abstract, artistic. Medical readings and anatomical (3d and otherwise) were too, well, “medical”, and didn’t lend themselves to this work environment. However, the abstract, artistic representations were just the right fit for more than 20 walls throughout the space. And topped off with a museum-like timeline outlining the History of Education from ancient times to modern, the space was complete.