Office Theme: Bucket List


ATKG moved into its new home and decided it needed something to create a visual impact in the space. And the company had just the right subject matter to convey its unique spirit. ATKG is in the midst of developing a program that will help its team members “check off” items on their personal bucket lists. We were inspired by this effort and made team members’ bucket list items the imagery throughout the space — from riding in a hot air balloon to skydiving or backpacking through Europe.

The imagery also represents the company’s willingness to go above and beyond for its clients and the lengths to which team members will go for each other. Each image has two hashtags for representation in social media – #atkgbucketlist and #thelengthswegoto – appropriate for the dual meaning of the imagery.

TMac Design: concepts, creative direction, graphic design Cold Fire Signs: print & installation